About Us


“A magnum opus in the picture framing industry, we are a one-stop destination for the conservation of art and love exploring the varied prospects of the industry beyond measures. Packing a large team of qualified and committed experts, we offer top-quality frames, storage solutions and a lot more.”


Manish Gourisaria

The Joint Managing Director of Lion India believes in “Dream Big”. A doyen in the industry, he is well known & well connected with the picture-framing industry across the globe. His passion is to uplift the ‘picture framing industry’ in India from an unorganized level to a structured, mechanized & skilled industry.

Manish is a true company leader as well as an industry leader.

R K Prahladka

The Chairman of Hitaishi Group and Lion India – gave the Indian picture-framing industry world-class exposure with his huge experience in this industry. He has a vast experience in the field of business and industry spanning over 4 decades.

Vic. Faulkner, MBE

The ‘Godfather’ of the picture framing industry is the Joint Managing Director of Lion India. He is associated with the picture-framing industry for more than 50 years. He has experience of working with leading framing companies in America and Europe.

For his contribution to social causes, he has been conferred by the Queen of England with the prestigious Most Excellent Order of British Empire (MBE).

His association and invaluable advice enrich Lion India with a global outlook in the picture framing industry.



That, more than Money or Machines are our greatest assets.


“To be the nationally recognized and internationally acclaimed company that provides wide-ranging solutions to the framing, museum and conservation industry, delivered by best in-class.”


“To achieve our vision through faithfully implementing our values and credo in the integrated framing solution space by encouraging sustained good & creative work.”



A commitment to surpass our customers’ expectations.


A commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our dealings.


A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to become the best in class.




Lion India reaches out to its wide segment of target audience via these 4 verticals.


It is our wide variety of products ranging from high-end machines, consumables, display hanging systems, museum supplies, framed arts, gifts and novelties that reach to our customers spread across the globe to let all connected to the framing industry- thrive, sustain, develop and excel.


Lion India is proud to be a part of very prestigious projects lighting up empty walls with framing solutions, preserving heritage and conserving art in museums, art galleries; catering to the needs of five star hotels, corporate house, libraries, art collectors and the list is endless.

Retail Stores

When it comes to serving the needs of single buyers who are art connoisseurs, we are presently running 4 retail stores in a closed format. This is just a slice of our big retail dreams as we want to blanket the market and aspire to have around 50 stores all over India by 2020!


We prioritize in appeasing customers and we want to maximize ways of reaching out to them. The more we increase our distribution channels, the more we can make our clients happy. Thus, we have ventured into the field of e-commerce, magnifying our presence in coveted marketplaces like Amazon, tying up with retail giants like Flipkart and multiple plans are in progress.