Presentation System


Leading specialist producer of display hanging system solutions for frames.

  • CODE NO. 05.49050 - 50 CM
  • CODE NO. 05.49100 - 100 CM
  • CODE NO. 05.49200 - 200 CM


The Info Rail is the ideal way to suspend all types of documents in the spot for your choice. Pictures, posters, special ads, or to-do list : there are endless possibilities!


  • This system means no more damaged walls from thumtacks tapes and so on
  • The Info Rail is easy to install and can easily be connected and/or reduced in size. The tripple rubber claming mechanism guarantees a firm suspension for documents ( for paper > 80 gr/m2 to cardboard up to 2mm).
  • After mounting the Click and Connect clips on the wall, its easy to attach the Info rails to the clips
  • CODE NO. 7840.100


The Picture Mouse Solo is a handy and original hanging cord. The hanging system makes practical use of the walls of a room.


  • Use the transparent Picture Clips to attach photos, cards and other documents easily to the steel cord.
  • Magnets work with the Picture Mouse cord, as an alternative to clips.
  • CODE NO. 7870.003
  • CODE NO. 7870.004
  • CODE NO. 7870.006


A3 set [4 pc ( 42 x 29.7 cm )]

A4 set [4 pc ( 21 X 29.7 cm )]

A6 set [ 8 pc ( 14.85 X 10.5 cm)]

  • Artiteq’s Display-IT offers a perfect, designer solution for presenting all your photos, certificates, instructions, announcement and documents.
  • The system’s acrylic frames are easy to mount , adjust to desired height.
  • Thanks to the E-clip , one can change the contents of the acrylic frame in seconds. It also makes it easy to connect the frames to one another.
  • It is often used as a ‘face wall’ for photos displayed on the wall in institutions.
  • Display-IT is available in 3 different sizes.
  • Comes with all accessories and assembly instructions
  • CODE NO. 32.90C


This is a good presentation at POS & works excellent as a sales support.


  • Includes all artiteq best selling products.
  • Eco friendly packaging.
  • Includes –

    • 12 set of tube blister packing of click rail white 200 mm
    • 20pcs of click rail white 200 mm
    • Perlon +Twister 200mm – 12 pcs
    • Ratchet hook – 6 pcs
    • Mini hook – 6 pcs
    • Click & connect – 6 pcs
    • End cap White – 6 pcs
    • Cover for corners white – 6 pcs