HOFFMANN MS 35 SF Double Mitre Saw And Dovetail Routing Machines

Code No. 5007 .

Function :
• The workpiece is laid on the table and positioned for cutting.
• The start button is pressed to begin the machine cycle and the profile is clamped.
• Both saw unit cycle from above to make the metre cuts.
• The parts remain clamped whilst the tables open to allow the router units to rout one or two dovetail slots.
• The machine table close and the finished work piece is removed
• The profile is fed through the machine till the cut face is against the digitally positioned fence stop. The next machine cycle begins.
• The measurement of the profile length is determined by manual positioning of the fence stop and reading the digital display. The sequence of the router units follows automatically.


  • Two clean precision mitre cuts to an exact length, with or without routed slots, in one machine cycle
  • When both pieces are to be joined together or in a frame, then they can be prepared with one or two dovetail slots in precise positions in the cut faces for joining with Hoffmann Keys
  • Suitable for workpiece sizes maximum 90 x 90 mm
  • Hoffmann key sizes W-1/2/3. Ideal for cutting profiles for glazing beads, cornices, plinths etc. in wood, aluminium all plastic at 45°
  • It can also be used solely as Double Mitre Saw, to cut to length profiles such as Glazing beads, cornices, plinths, etc. in wood, aluminum and plastic at 45° angles

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF HOFFMANN MS 35 SF Double Mitre Saw And Dovetail Routing Machines

Power 230 volts, 3P, 20 Amps
Air supply 90 PSI
Router heads 2 x 500 Watt - 24000 RPM
Saw heads 2 x 2 1/2 HP, 3470 RPM
Saw blades 350 mm diameter | carbide tipped
Router bits W-1, W-2, W-3
Cutting capacity 3 1/2" width (89mm)
3 1/2" thickness (90 to 90 mm)
Max. routing height 2 3/4" ( 70 mm)
Cutting angle 45 degree fixed
Minimum length 3” ( 75 mm)
Maximum length 96”, longer length optional
Controls electronic operation with PLC
Dust collection 2 x ports, 4.7” diameter, 400cfm
Dimension W/D/H 587/8” / 371/2” / 633/4”
With table extensions 220”
Weight 1496 lbs.