They are specialized software for boxes and POP/POS Display. Supportive materials include folding carton, corrugated board and rigid board.

The m3 Art is a combination of functionalities giving graphic designers the flexibility to work directly in Adobe Illustrator with files from the packaging and POP/POS displays parametric libraries. Native m3 files can be opened in Illustrator without conversion and can be resized.
Focusing on the visual side of the design process, the m3 Art offers intuitive 3D prototyping with realistic visualization of the material, print and finishing effects within Illustrator. This integration ensures that the powers of graphic and CAD software systems complement one another – a process that increases productivity and requires minimal effort.

The m3 library of resizable designs contains more than 500 ready-to-use standards of corrugated board, folding carton or inverted corrugated board (ICB) packages. The Library of resizable designs contain designs of corrugated containers and folding carton boxes that conform to the FEFCO and ECMA standards, as well as to own standards.
The m3 Art Library contains more than 1700 ready-to-use projects. Parametric designs for folding carton and corrugated cardboard, including the full ECMA and FEFCO codes, standards appropriate for PVC and corrugated plastics are also available and a collection of parametric POP/POS displays and complex multipart structures – furniture, walls, booths, kids’ corners – for the corrugated and rigid board.
The values of the parameters – for example, box height, side length, material thickness – can be altered so that new packaging can be created. The design is then automatically calculated and the relations between the various parts of the design are kept by the packaging software.

Both m3 bundles are fully integrated with Valiani V-Studio, allowing users to edit any designs, customize them and finally export to the V-Studio with cutting commands intact. From version 5, there is ‘instant cut’ with a dedicated Valiani button.


  • Conversion-free opening of native EngView files
  • Resizing of designs directly in Adobe Illustrator
  • Immediate inspection of any change in 3D
  • Artwork replications and finishing effects
  • Front and rear artwork placement variants
  • Generation of 3D PDF