Code No. 3677

• Introducing the newest addition to the line of award-winning Interchangeable Heads of the Valiani Family of Mat Cutting Machines. The amazing Mat Stylus Deluxe revives the lost art of French matting by allowing any user to add creative, eye-catching design elements to a variety of mat surfaces.
• The Valiani Mat Stylus is completely managed by V Studio software and allows the user to convert any Template, Corner Design, Text and even clip art into a line drawing.
• The Mat Stylus Deluxe includes 3 different sizes of adapters, allowing the user to insert various sizes and brands of pens, pencils, plotter pen cartridges and felt-tip pens.
• The Mat Stylus Deluxe offers increased accuracy and flexibility with many types of drawing tools. Multiple two-part pen-holders of different sizes are supplied while as an optional you can require a plotter-pen holder.


  • Increased precision with all pen types; new conical-tip pen holders keep the writing instruments point accurately centered. This results in more repeatable line concentricity, especially when changing pen types and colours on the same mat design.
  • Three colour coded barrel-holder sizes combined with three tip-holder types allow much greater flexibility in pen size and type selection.
  • Two-point pen holder design increases stability during drawing,particularly with sharp changes in line direction.
  • Quick and easy tool-free pen change, all pen holders outside diameters are the same regardless of pen type used. Magnetic, removable pen-depth gauge makes depth setting fast,simple and precise Use one or more of these applications :
  • 1. Create intricate & precise French Lines of any colour and thickness.
  • 2. Enhance your designs with texts using virtually any Font.
  • 3. Decorate your mats with fancy Clip-Art, logos, line-art etc.
  • 4. Add a signature to any mat with ease.
  • 5. Use Corel Draw to showcase your unique designs, your unique creativity.