MORSO EH Hydraulic Mitre Cutting Machine

Code No. 1012 .

The MORSO – EH is excellent for repetition work as:
• It is as fast as double mitre saw.
• The cutting waste dropped into a waste chute.
• The working procedure create no dust
• The noise level is below 70 DB


  • Morso EH is a dust free, fully automatic, electric/hydraulic mitring machine, which cuts perfect double miters. Morso EH is operated through a 100% safe dual hand release system, ensuring that the operator cannot touch the blades during operation.
  • Operating the Morso EH is very simple and safe. Keep the two push buttons activated and the machine will do the cutting cycle automatically. This very simple and 100% safe operation makes Morso EH the perfect machine to be operated by both male as well as female operators.
  • The cutting cycle varies from one second and up, depending on thickness of the workpiece.
  • The forward movement of the cutting head happens automatically and having finished the cutting cycle the Morso EH automatically returns to starting position.
  • The Morso EH cuts picture frames, door frames, window frames, glazing beads etc, from for example hard wood, soft wood, plastic, MDF etc.
  • As there is no vibration from rotating tools, like the double miter saws, Morso EH always cuts an exact perfect double miter, ready to join without any further preparations.
  • The Morso EH is electric/hydraulic and does NOT need compressed air to operate. Nor does the Morso EH require any expensive dust extraction system. Only single phase or three phase electricity.
  • The Morso EH is CE certified.


  • One set of cutting knives fitted to the machine
  • Safety guards, front and rear
  • Adjustable second stop
  • Measuring scale to 1500 mm
  • Left hand infeed table, approx. 770 mm long
  • Waste chute
  • Hydraulic moulding clamps
  • Adjustable automatic cutting cycle
  • Adjustable automatic cutting height


Double mitre 45°
Single mitre upto 90°
Cutting width max 100 mm (4”)
Cutting height max. 180 mm (7”)
Square cutting 70/70 mm (2 ¾”)
Measuring scale upto 1500 mm (60”)
Motor, single phase 240 1.1kW
Motor, three phase 380 1.1kW
Pumping capacity 7 litres / min
Working pressure 80 bar
Power transmission 660 kgs
Tank contents 8 ltrs
Net weight 135 kg