MORSO PME 100 Profile Milling Machine

Code No. 8085 .


  • The PME 100 endscriber is for reversed profiling of cross-cut timber. The work piece is placed against the adjustable end stop, and the reversed cutting is done by moving the table manually from the left to the right ensuring a tear free cutting.
  • Manually operated
  • Manual movement of routers
  • Manual pneumatic clamping of work piece
  • CE Certified


  • 2 motors for milling, 1.5kw, 400v, 1200 rpm.
  • One motor turns clock wise and the other motor turns anti clockwise
  • Safety Guard
  • Emergency stop
  • Makita Unit
  • Digital Read Out (The digital read out is encoded with sur-measurement do that the work piece has the correct length after the milling)
  • 1500 mm rail for standard cutting length Extra length on request