HOFFMANN MU-2-H Horizontal, Manual Dovetail Routing Machine

Code No. 5010 .

• The workpiece is positioned against the centre fence and the routing length (left & right) is set. By pressing the pneumatic foot pedal the workpiece is clamped.
• The motor is switched on manually and the motor unit is drawn to the set router length. When the part is routered the unit is brought to the middle position, motor switched off and the workpiece is removed after releasing the foot pedal.


  • Portable and flexible bench – top machine to router a single horizontal dovetail slot per machine cycle. Dovetail key sizes W-1/2/3/4.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF HOFFMANN MU-2-H Horizontal, Manual Dovetail Routing Machine

Power supply 1ph/N/PE 230 V 50/60Hz 1.0 kW
Pneumatic 6 bar
Motor 1 x 1000 W
Motor speed 34000 1/min
Control Manual
Work – piece clamping Pneumatic
Height capacity 110 mm
Routing depth H 0-80 / L 0-250 mm
Hoffmann Key sizes W-1/2/3/4
Dimensions W/D/H 700/600/500 mm
Weight 33 kg