Code No. 2341 .

The Hot Glass Press(HGP) was developed by HOT PRESS and incorporates their unique high technology transparent glass heating system.

Based on unique and proven technology, the Hot Glass Vacuum Press, or quite simply ‘The Hot Press’ as it is fondly and almost universally known sets the standard for excellence in all areas of heat mounting and lamination. Regarded by many as the ‘industry standard’ machine for picture framers, these machines are also commonly used by restorers and professional print finishers worldwide.

Hot Presses can be found in many different working environments such as:
• Picture Framing workshop & Galleries
• Photographers
• Digital canvas printers
• Photo Laboratories
• Museums
• Art Restorers
• Display Houses
• Educational Institutions


  • The HOT PRESS has been constantly evolving over the past twenty years and represents the most convenient and efficient way of hot mounting in the modern framing workshop.
  • The Hot Press is capable of handling a wide range of presentation materials, from white display board, foam centred board and MDF to photographs, art prints, inkjet canvases and delicate fabrics.
  • No great physical strength is required to operate the machine and all types of work can be processed with ease. Additionally the Hot Press can be filled with multiple projects, thus saving time and energy.
  • The Hot Press will effciently process 25mm thick MDF on one side of the bed, whilst simultaneously processing 1mm card on the other.
  • The transparent top panel of the Hot Press allows work to be viewed throughout most standard dry mounting procedures.
  • The unique Hot Press heating system is widely acknowledged as the best press heating system in the world.
  • By passing electricity across a special conductive coating on a sheet of toughened glass, a very even heat is created.
  • This heat is monitored several times every second by a special sensor and can be controlled to within 2 ºc.
  • The use of a glass platen, rather than a metal one, leads to fast warm up times, from room temperature to working temperature and a very even distribution of heat across its surface.
  • This eliminates the need for 'press watching' and increases productivity in the workshop. The adjustable temperature control allows all kinds of artwork to be dry mounted, even those that may be damaged by heat.
  • The versatile temperature controller allows temperatures from 0 ºc to 115 ºc to be set on the machine.
  • Cold operation of the Hot Press, by turning the temperature down, also means the machine can be used with wet adhesives for low-value jobs.
  • The Hot Press comes with a built-in programmable process timer, so a time can be set and the timer started, leaving the operator free to prepare the next job.
  • When processing large volumes of work, the programmable timer can be set to the minimum time required for each batch of work, again maximising productivity.
  • The timer has two different and distinct modes of operation.
  • The AUTO setting allows for timed operation and the MANUAL setting allows the flexibility to set the machine running.
  • Hot Presses are supplied with their own dedicated vacuum pump. These units require no oiling, but they will collect moisture from damp artwork and boards.
  • The variable pressure control ensures the right pressure is set for each individual job and minimises even heavy creases and wrinkles, whilst ensuring that delicate items such as foam board and embossed prints are not crushed.



Model HGP 110
Size 17” X 21”
Weight 28kg
Width 520mm
Depth 620mm
Height 160mm
Time to vacuum 20 sec
Time to temperature 12 min
Working dim(mm) 460x560
Voltage 230 V 50/60Hz
Wattage 2700 W
Current(amps) 12A