MORSO NLEH Pneumatic Notch Cutting Machine

Code No. 8016L .

To compare MORSO – NEH with a moulding machine the following points must be considered:
1) A cleaner and more constantly accurate cut will be produced with MORSO – NEH.
2) The MORSO – NEH produces no dust and therefore requires no extraction.
3) The MORSO – NEH requires less than 15 minutes to change the cutting blades, to the set-up, and to the positioning of the stops.
4) As the blades wear, the 45o angle remains unchanged, ensuring consistently accurate joints.


Upon request: Fences 2500mm (100”) supplied with extra extension table and supporting leg


  • The Morso NEH range of notching guillotines are automatic, electric/hydraulic, strong, heavy duty, machines which will last for several years. They are dust free and operated by a 100% dual hand release system, ensuring that the operator cannot touch the knives during the cutting cycle.
  • No compressed air and no expensive dust extraction is required.
  • The Morso NEH guillotines are using the same cutting principles as the Morso NF, just doing the complete cutting cycle automatic.
  • The easy and 100% safe operation makes the Morso NEH machines the ideal machine for male as well as female workers.
  • The Morso NEH cuts hard wood, soft wood, MDF, plastic etc, and leaves the cutting surface of the material with an unbeatable, professional smooth surface, requiring no further preparation before joining.
  • The Morso NEH is CE certified


  • One set of hydraulic moulding clamps
  • Automatic adjustable cutting cycle
  • Automatic adjustable cutting height, reducing a complete cycle to less than 1,5 seconds
  • 100% safe dual hand operation system


Nose width 12-26 mm (1/4” - 3/4”)
Cutting width, max. 70 mm (3”)
Cutting height, max. 140 mm (5.5”)
Fences, left and right 1500 mm (60”)
Extension tables, left and right 1000 mm (40”)
Motor, single or three phase 1.1 kW
Working pressure 80 bar
Pumping capacity 7 litre/min
Power transmission 660 kg
Tank contents 8 litre
Net weight 145 kg