Code No. 3805 .


  • Manual sawing machine, with horizontal stroke, for "V-cutting" at 45 degrees, at both ends, in wood and plastic mouldings of any shape and kind.
  • Precise graduate scale to gauge at the rabbet of the mitred moulding, right sliding stop and mechanical horizontal clamps.
  • With fixed fence.
  • Digital readout as optional (T024). Maximum operator safety.
  • Sound level: LAeq > 80 dB (A).
  • 45° cuts each head
  • Fixed fence
  • Automatic horizontal clamps
  • Robust and space effcient
  • No compressor needed
  • Mechanical horizontal cutting design
  • Ergonomically friendly design
  • Ideal for cutting wooden, plastic, aluminium Mouldings
  • Single phase power supply
  • 2 metre measuring extension
  • Collecting waste system
  • Full manual control over blade movement
  • Direct read off measuring scale
  • Quick and easy adjustment of profiles
  • 2 x 100 mm extraction dust suction
  • Full visibility while cutting


  • 2 saw blades type Ø250mm, (expandable upto Ø275mm)
  • 2 saw blades size bore d. 32mm
  • Adhesive measuring system l=2000mm right sliding stop
  • Mechanical horizontal clamps
  • Possibility to use saw blades d. 250mm
  • T002b Moulding supporting arm l=1000mm (39 3/8”) with leg
  • T005f Additional sliding measuring stop
  • T009d Moulding supporting arm (l=1000mm 39 3/8”) with leg and adhesive measuring system
  • T021 Waste pieces support
  • M020 Vertical pneumatic clamping unit
  • M035 Cooling system (available only with M036)
  • M036 Horizontal pneumatic clamping unit
  • M037 Horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamping unit


Saws 2 Circular carbide saw blades upto 275 mm
Maximum cutting capacity 120mm ( width) 70mm (height)
Production rate About 200 cuts per hour [it varies with mouldings dimensions]
Standard electric eqiupment 2 motors of 1.5 hp each - 2800 rpm, voltage -230 V 50Hz single phase
Sawdust exhaust outlets N° 2 diameter 100 mm
Weight 250 kg
Overall dimensions width 1380 mm , length 760 mm , height 1150 mm