QUICKWOOD CD4/200 Compact 3-side Low Cost Sanding Machine

Code No. QMCD4-200 .

For a perfect sanding and brushing of profiles


• Profiles
• Rods
• Frames
• Uprights and transoms of doors and windows beads


• Reduced dimensions
• Quality-price ratio of maximum convenience
• Modular construction
• Additional work units on all four side


  • Rotating horizontal axes with adjustable speed by electronic inverter
  • Pressure rollers loaded with springs that ensure the sealing of workpieces during transport
  • Motorized roller conveyor with variable speed via invertor
  • Easily removable and inter changeable axes
  • Manual inclination of all axes
  • Roll feed or carpet of choice

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF QUICKWOOD CD4/200 Compact 3-side Low Cost Sanding Machine

Height max. 100 mm
Width max 200 mm
Length min. 380 mm
Horizontal brush motor 2 x 0,55 kw
Brush inverter 1,5 kw
Right brush motor 0,37 kw
Left brush motor (opt.) 0,25 kw
Conveyor motor 0,37 kw
Dust collection duct 4 x 90 mm
Dust collection 1500 m3/h
Net weight 260 kg
Dimensions 1450 x 1250 x 1410 mm
Spindle length, mm 200X2, 100X2