QuickWood F15 Pneumatic Hand Sanding tool

Code No. QMF15 .

Model F15 is a pneumatic 2-hand machine, suitable for sanding of the wood, the sealer sanding & polishing of wax.
The relatively low weight and powerful machine guarantee a high production rate. Model F15 is particularly suitable for:

• Edges of panels in pile
• Entrance and interior doors
• Large pieces of furniture
• Coffins
• Large profile
• Stacked edges
• Assembled furniture


  • Same recommendations as for F6
  • Delivered with air hose and dust shield
  • Trigger which gives a possibility for slow start
  • Sturdy air motor with Teflon vanes
  • Hexagonal shaft for direct power transfer
  • Low working weight
  • Suspension point
  • Easy to turn direction of rotation

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF QuickWood F15 Pneumatic Hand Sanding tool

Air motor, rpm, max 900
Air pressure, bar, max 6
Air consumption, I/Sec 9.6
Output, Watt 400
Number of Quick Disc / QN 15/7
Working width, quick flex, max. 150
Length of spindle, mm 200
Working weight, kg 3.5
Shipping weight, kg 4.2