Code No. 3694

V-Studio is the suite of programs for all Valiani machines developed to optimize the use of all computerized cutting machines. An innovative menu allows you to reach specific applications designed to create projects with absolute simplicity. Creating original mat-boards in quicker times, personalizing your boxes and achieving contour cuts from today will be simpler thanks to an ideal design environment, equipped with extraordinary tools


  • Create-Discover new ways to create mat boards with full creational freedom and with the maximum ease, using avant-garde tools. Work quickly and intuitively thanks to a coherent approach with the user interface in all its components.
  • Easy Box-Increase your productivity, using the exceptional functionality of the new application for editing packaging. Utilize the new, purposely developed, functionality to improve integration with the M3 application and increase its productivity
  • Image Cut-Reach new levels with the functionality to perform contour cut shapes. Use the crop mark detection function to accurately cut pre-printed designs.
  • SmartCut-Use the most common vector graphic programs to transfer your projects to Valiani machines.
  • Material Database-Optimize the software use storing all your materials including their specs , and tools & machine settings.